There are few different ways of using tinted contact lenses.

1. Using tinted contacts inside or in a low light level and using in addition regular dark sunglasses in intense light environment, mostly outside. In this scenario the contacts are used most of the time during the day.
2. Using tinted contacts only in more intense light (outside). In such scenario the contacts are used less often comparing to scenario #1. But they have to be put on and off more often.
3. Using different types of contacts (different tints) for specific environments. For instance, red contacts inside and brown ones outside. This option is more costly as few sets of contacts have to be used at the same time. Also the contacts have to be changed quite often.

Scenario 1 seems to be the most common because it requires putting on the contacts only once a day, it gives a lot of flexibility and it’s cost effective. However, many Achromats use the other options.

No, and the reason is cost. Tinting is quite expensive process and therefore using tinted contacts with relatively short wearing time would be very expensive. Assuming, that daily or weekly contacts cost 100 EUR, they would cost about 9000 EUR per quarter for daily option and 1200 EUR per weekly ones.
Assuming, that monthly contacts cost 170 EUR, they would cost about 510 EUR per quarter. This makes more sense and could be a reasonable solution for people who are very sensitive to contact lenses and are not able to use them for a long time. In such case, using high quality monthly contacts gives much better comfort and enables using them for a longer time during the day. Therefore we offer such product for people with very sensitive eyes.