We offer seven filters (tints) applied to quarterly contacts. Plano (without prescription) and spherical options are available. Toric ones (with cylinder for astigmatism) are under development and should be available soon.
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45% Methafilcon A 55% Water Content (Wearing Time – 3 months)
61% Polymacon 39% Water Content (Wearing Time – 12 months)
Total Diameter: 14.2 mm
Diameter of Tint: 11.5 mm (recommended standard); other available on request
BC: 8.6
Oxygen Permeability:
22 Dk/t for 3 month Wearing Time
17 Dk/t for 12 month Wearing Time
Wearing Time: 3 or 12 months
Tints (filters) available:
AL540 Bright Orange
AL560 Orange
AL580 Red
AL585 Flame Red
ALB80 Brown
ALB90 Dark Brown

Prices per pair:
Quarterly Plano Contacts (to replace every 3 months) – 250 EUR + shipping
Annual Plano Contacts (to replace every 12 months) – 450 EUR + shipping
For prescriptions 10% extra charge will apply.

Orders are handled via our online store: Achrolenses e-store

Our prices include all import duties and taxes. No extra charges for our customers. We ship on DDP terms (Delivered Duty Paid). Achrolenses covers all cost.

Shipping costs:

15 EUR for European Union
25 EUR for other destinations

8% for orders for two pairs
10% for orders for three or more pairs
15% for subscription (reoccurring purchase/ we ship automatically according to the replacement schedule chosen)
Our goal is to reduce the prices by 30% within 2-3 years.
This will be possible when the volume grows. Please help us to achieve it.

We temporarily do not ship our contact lenses to the USA. We do not have all the necessary approvals to support this market. We are working on it and hope to complete it during 2022. However, we ship other products there (swimming goggles, enlargers).