Users’ feedback

Jorgen, Germany.

I have a congenital visual impairment (achromatopsia) and have been wearing square-cut glasses for many years. However, due to stigmatization, it was always a problem for me to wear sunglasses in bright rooms.

Lilly, Germany.

These contact lenses saved my life! Since I can remember, I go through life in pain. Every source of light means pain. When I was outside, I couldn’t see anything. And the pain was unbearable.

Emilia, Finland.

Today we got our first really sunny day since I got the contacts, and I have to say they are amazing! I can be outside without a terrible need to squint and it doesn't make me so anxious and irritated.

At the top of the mountain with contact lenses

Wojtek, Poland.

The first peak achieved without any glasses, only with Achrolenses AL527 contact lenses.

Girl with contact lenses Achrolensens

Oakley, USA.

A very exciting day in our household! We’ve been practicing with clear contacts and today we got our sample red ones to try! She seemed to love them inside(our home has huge windows and is very bright).

Soukaina and her four siblings with A, Morocco.

Hello my dear, I want to inform you that we received the contact lenses and you have no idea how much I appreciate what you did for us and we are so grateful.