Contact Lenses for Achromatopsia

Tinted contact lenses improved significantly the vision ability and living standard of my daughter who has Achromatopsia. However, finding right information, eye doctors knowing anything about Achromatopsia, selecting right contact lenses and finding a place where to buy them was a night mare. I was lucky enough to find a company that had technology to make tinted contact lenses. They were also interested in developing advanced filters dedicated for Achromatopsia. There are filters designed for Achromats available from well known optical companies but they only have hard lenses for glasses and do not have soft contact lenses. We have managed to apply similar filters to soft contact lenses. After some years of experience we have decided to sell those products worldwide. Focusing only on Achromatopsia will allow us to develop the best products to cope with this visual disorder.

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Witout tinted contacts

Without tinted contacts

With tinted contacts

With tinted contacts

Tint selection - Contact lenses

Tint selection

The initial selection of the tint color is very easy and can be done remotely. We just send you a kit of paper glasses with the selection of our tint colors applied. You chose the one which works best for you. Based on your selection we send you the tinted contacts with exactly the same tint color (filter).

Free Trial

In order to be able to prove that our products work well and provide significant improvement of vision ability to people with Achromatopsia, we will provide free contact lenses to selected individuals. We reserve the right not to send the free products to all people who apply for them.

free trial

Why choose our contact lenses?

We have over 20 years of experience with Achromatopsia and understand its challenges. Given the fact that our contact lenses are designed exclusively for people with Achromatopsia, we focus exactly on their problems and adapt to their specific needs. Therefore, Achrolenses is a group of experts solely devoted to improving the Achromats’ vision ability and their standard of living. Developing high-quality contact lenses for Achromatopsia, we give you a chance to cope with the visual disorder in the best possible way.

Throughout listening to Achromats’ demands, we are able to continuously improve contact lenses dedicated to their needs by using the most advanced technology currently available. Our aim is to provide contact lenses for Achromatopsia which increase the level of everyday comfort of Achromats.

Simple science

There are two types of photoreceptors cells located on the retina. These are rods and cones. Rods function mainly in dim light and provide black-and-white vision while cones support the perception of color and sharp and detailed vision. For people affected by Achromatopsia cones do not function.

Relative rod responce to light