Aurelia, United Kingdom

I have CNGA3 achromatopsia. I didn’t think contact lenses could be a solution for me. Ophthalmologists advised me against it due to the high sensitivity of my eyes.


I was skeptical myself too. 11 years ago my eyesight started to deteriorate drastically. Every light hurt me a lot. Eye pains, migraines and distant vision problems started. From an active person I changed into a sick and tormented one. I couldn’t go outside alone anymore. In the house, all the windows had to be tightly covered. My world has shrunk to function at home. Of course, I had many pairs of glasses from an ophthalmologist with different colors of the filters. They helped, but the light was still shining in my eyes. When I wore AchroLenses AL560 for the first time, I almost cried out with happiness. My eyeballs relaxed in an instant. After all, nothing offended me and everything around me brightened. For the first time in a very long time, I was able to reveal all the windows, go outside and see more details without prescription glasses. AchroLenses changed my life and everyday functioning. They are very soft and barely noticeable to the eye. I currently use the AL560 outdoors, occasionally AL580 in bright sunlight and the AL540 indoors and in cloudy weather. The service at AchroLenses is at the highest level, and the approach to the customer is individual. The best solutions for me. I highly recommend it.